Why Blyth?

Blyth's kingfisher (Alcedo hercules) is the largest kingfisher in the genus Alcedo. Named for Edward Blyth, the species has also been known as Alcedo grandis and as the great blue kingfisher. No, but seriously, here's why Blyth is pretty awesome:

  • Native

    Blyth just takes your config file, and outputs native CSS to a folder of your choice.

  • Versatile

    Blyth will slot right into your build and deployment process, as it's just CSS files.

  • Handy

    With the CLI available across all your projects, no matter your project setup, it'll be consistent.

  • Scalable

    Blyth can grow with you. Using design tokens, it promotes reusable, scalable and clean code.

  • Flexible

    With CSS vars and classes, it'll work for any coding methodology, from utility-first to BEM.

  • Lightweight

    No post-processing required to remove classes for size reduction. You're in control of your code.

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This project was born out of a personal need. As a freelance web designer, I wanted to keep code reusable, consistent and documented. Blyth finally documents and shares code right across my projects with zero limitations and full control.